Reconciling and reporting

Faster settlement and simplified reporting with Payway.

We want you to feel good when running reports! With Payway, our user-friendly interface tells you exactly what’s happening at all times.

Establish divisional reporting

Our reporting platform can be customized to coincide with your business strategy, including finite divisional reporting and data filters. Whether you need to track payments and profits for two divisions or twenty, authorized personnel will have access to everything they need with just a few keystrokes.

See patterns of credit card processors

Data processing errors are more easily spotted when you know what to look for. Payway reports can help identify when rejections and decline rates are cause for concern — or at least worthy of further investigation.

Download only the information you need

After setting up secure login protocols, users can then select specific criteria to only bring up the report information needed at the moment, versus pouring over pages of excessive data and wasting valuable time.

Get paid as quickly as possible

Payway’s algorithm gets you paid quickly, with Visa and Mastercard settling in roughly 24 hours. For American Express, we offer direct funding, which gets you your settlement within 72 hours.

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