Edgil Associates, Inc. Rebrands as Payway Complete

Edgil Associates, Inc. is pleased to announce that it is now doing business as Payway Complete. The new brand was developed to better communicate that the company's payment processing services are a comprehensive, integrated solution, and it was launched via a new website at on June 16. Originally established in 1984, the company remains privately owned. According to Payway Complete Principals and Co-Owners David Fabrizio and Daniel Nadeau, the company's status as a Payment Card Industry Level 1 Service Provider is unchanged, as is everything current customers have come to expect.

The mission of Payway Complete is the same: to make payment processing easier, while saving merchants money,” said Fabrizio. “Though many customers have long benefited from our payment gateway, and others from our merchant account services, we're excited to have a name that better identifies how we offer the complete package — and then some, particularly for recurring payments.”

Since inception, the team behind Payway Complete has processed newspaper subscriptions, enabling them to become experts at processing recurring payments in the card-not-present space. Those decades of knowledge have since been refined to benefit other subscription-based business models, such as you might find with charitable organizations and real estate management, as well as the call center technology space, which routinely requires ongoing monthly payments.

Nadeau added, “With Payway Complete, merchants will know their payment processing needs are completely covered. That means we can provide all of the essential services, plus what they need for greater peace of mind, such as account updating tools so recurring payments never skip a beat, or point-to-point encryption to reduce scope of PCI-DSS compliance. We have it all, backed by a team of people who care.”

Payway Complete offers:

To help with its rebranding effort and new website build, Fabrizio and Nadeau turned to Strand Marketing of Newburyport, Mass. Together, their teams identified what differentiates Payway Complete from the payment processing competition, leading to eventual creation of the new look and feel for Payway Complete, including the hummingbird icon.

According to CEO & Brand Director David Strand, “First, we needed a memorable visual to personify the ease, effortlessness, and efficiency for which Payway Complete performs, and thus Eddie the hummingbird icon was born.” Strand explained how, “Similar simplicity was then communicated throughout the new website, with engaging visuals of kite flying and children swinging, reinforced with content that promises merchant-friendly methods to keep your business flying high.”



Request a free cost analysis today!

Find out how much you can save with a simple switch to Payway Complete.

Request a free cost analysis today!

Find out how much you can save with a simple switch to Payway Complete.

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