National Hug A Newsperson Day


Hug Your Newsperson Today!

Warm up those hugging muscles because today is National Hug a Newsperson Day! Annually, on April 4, the day of recognition is celebrated, and today, Payway is showing our appreciation for news people around the country.

This is the day we give huge shout outs to everyone who helps us stay updated—from major anchors like Anderson Cooper to the weather and sports people who are able to deliver our local news how and where we want it. So get ready to hug your favorite news anchor, print reporter or radio voice.

Hug a Newsperson Day is also known as Hug a News Anchor Day, Hug a Newsman Day, and Hug a Newswoman Day, and has always been observed annually on April 4th. Our research didn't seem to find the origin of this day, but perhaps a newsperson, or someone who just appreciated the hard work created it!

Payway definitely appreciates it, because our business was founded on servicing the newspaper industry. We launched (as Edgil Associates) in 1984 to help service the newspaper business and bring subscription-based services to customers around the country. Since our inception, the team behind Payway has processed newspaper subscriptions, and has enabled us to become experts at processing recurring payments in the card-not-present space.

The decades of knowledge have since been refined to benefit other subscription-based business models such as charitable organizations and real estate management, as well as the call center technology space, which routinely requires ongoing monthly payments.

But it all got started with newspapers and the news people who made the news business possible. So, get out there today and hug that newsperson- we sure will!

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Request a free cost analysis today!

Find out how much you can save with a simple switch to Payway.

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