Recurring payment tools

Recurring payments stay that way with Payway.

Say “Goodbye” to rejected transactions, declined payments, and unpredictable revenue! We take the pain out of recurring payment processing, so you can concentrate on what’s important: building your patron base.

A payment-scheduling tool you can count on

Payway makes scheduling credit card payments and donations a no brainer — for merchants, employees, and customers. Our team helps build the integrated forms you need, and organizes customer information for easy retrieval whenever you want it. Once payments are scheduled at the onset, you can move on to the next to-do item with confidence that Payway will handle scheduled payments like clockwork.

Automated account updating to reduce declined payments

Account numbers change, but that shouldn’t require manual labor. When you add automated account updating to Payway, you can be confident that recurring payments will happen as they should. Our software application automatically hunts down outdated credit card information for recurring credit card payments so you reduce declined payments and keep the cash flowing in, as it should.

Direct debit ACH scheduling saves everyone time

Customers and donors enjoy the convenience of automated payment scheduling through ACH debits, and merchants will appreciate next-day payments, helped by our secure tokenization method of communication between the banks involved.

How does Automated Account Updater work?

Instead of you spending any time or manpower finding the missing data, we proactively take care of it all, without any disruption to you or your team. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Participating card issuers (banks and the like) inform Visa and/or Mastercard when a customer’s card expires, the account numbers are changed, or the account is closed.

Payway’s Account Updater tool routinely queries Visa and Mastercard for updates such as these, and the revised information is returned upon our request.

Account Updater then applies the new account information to the Payway vault, updating that cardholder’s token, so it’s ready to process the next scheduled recurring payment, without skipping a beat.

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