Our goal is to reduce merchant processing fees.

Here we explore your current deal, find the costly culprits, and reduce the damage — so you can keep more of your money! Doesn’t that sound nice?

Concierge-level service

Our money-saving frame of mind

It continues to bother us how many well-known payment processors take advantage of merchants by overcharging for transactions, or bundling together as many fees as they can, without any explanation to the merchant.

That’s how our approach for transparent pricing was born and why we’re happy to show you how Payway is the most cost-effective payment service provider.

Merchant services savings Merchant services savings

You won’t find hard-to-predict bundled pricing here. When you choose Payway as your merchant services provider, you enjoy absolute transparency from our cost-plus pricing model, also called interchange-plus pricing because the resulting cost is the interchange fee plus the merchant services markup.

For even more savings, we may be able to eliminate per transaction fees for American Express payments, effectively taking the sting out accepting it for payment.

Payment gateway savings

Payment gateway savings

We don’t waste your time. We get down to business, fast. Right out of the gate, we run the numbers and compare a merchant’s existing costs for payment gateway services to what those costs may be with Payway.

It turns out that we’re almost always able to reduce the monthly base fee, transaction fees, and interchange rates, among others. How? For starters, we employ an economies-of-scale strategy and use tools like Automated Level III Processing and Account Updater to reduce a merchant’s costs.

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